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1. Vacuum Loss

A. Check external  connections
B. Lower Drain Pressure


2. Mold Leaks

A. Reverse flow in the mold
B. Mold Circuit blocked
C. Lower "TO MOLD" Pressure


3. Excessive Vibration

A. Lower Drain Pressure
B. Adjust Run Around Circuit


4. Air in Drain Line

A. Raise Drain Pressure


5. Mold Flow too Low

A. Lower Drain Pressure
B. Reverse flow in the mold
C. Mold Circuit blocked
D. Raise "To Mold" Pressure
E. Increase "Supply" Pressure
F. Check filter screen


6. Unit Turns On and Off

A. Lower Drain Pressure
B. Check Supply Pressure


7. All Logic Seal Units

A. Check Float
B. Increase Back/Drain Pressure

8. Water coming out of Venturi Valve
(All Vac-U-Temps Units)
A. Check Float
B. Check Solenoid
C. Lower Vacuum


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